1. How long will the training be?

1 hour

2. How often do I need to complete it?

Once a year to maintain the awarded accreditation.

3. What do you receive when it’s completed?

An NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory awarded certificate that proves you have successfully passed the training course, 1 full year accreditation and the knowledge on how to clean in line with NHS standards.

4. Do I need to be a registered or professional cleaner to complete the course?

No, we pride ourselves on appealing to every individual or industry wishing to improve their cleaning standards.

5. Do you need a specific software to complete the training?

No, all you need is wifi and digital device (Tablet/ Laptop/ Smartphone) to complete the training course.

6. How much does the training cost?

£49.99 + VAT

7. Where does the money go?

Revenue generated by the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service enables reinvestment into NHS Trusts so purchasing our training course is not just an investment in your own skill base and those of your workforce but also an investment into frontline patient care.