About Tutum Health Education

Tutum Health is a hygiene healthcare brand focused on improving environmental cleanliness and ultimately reducing healthcare-associated infections. We achieve this by delivering solutions that are designed for a more sustainable future, "Learning to Clean the NHS Way" is just one of the products we offer to help achieve our wider mission.

We have been delivering products and services alongside our partners NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service to a multitude of businesses in the UK with a laser focus on schools, care homes and primary care. Improving the standards of hygiene across different environments, big and small is what we do. Which is why we decided to condense our expertise into a user-friendly and interactive course designed to educate all - even those outside of the cleaning industry. Everyone can benefit from taking our course and learning how to clean in line with NHS standards to protect yourself and others, whether that's in a clinical environment, at work or at home.

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tutum health nhs deep cleaning and advisory service NTHS

Tutum Health partnership supports nationwide rollout of NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service